Our focus is your success.  It’s about honesty and communication.  We are very passionate about this because each individualized project is a reflection on our work and the relationship we had through the process.  We are not just designers, we are engagers and visual communicators. We are supporters and cheerleaders and through the process, we are family!  We want to communicate your brand in the best possible way through logo development to collateral.  BP Creative Group is ready to knock it out of the park!

9-12 Months:  Congratulations, time to get to it!  Order Engagement Announcements and Save the Dates.

6-9 Months: Mail Save the Dates.  Finalize Wedding details.  Design Bridal Shower Invitation and Wedding Suite.

3-6 Months: Order and mail Bridal Shower Invitations and Wedding Invitation Suite.  Order personalized Thank You Cards.

2 months: Mail Wedding Rehearsal Invitations, if they were not included in Wedding Suite.  Mail Wedding Invitation Suite, if you haven’t already.

1 month:  Design and order Day-of Items – Programs, Menus, Table Numbers, Place Cards, Seating Charts, etc.

All design projects require a Creative Design Fee (CDF).  The CDF is a one-time, non-refundable fee for the creation of all materials for your specific project {for example:  only one CDF for Wedding Invitation Suites, this will include day-of materials too!}.

Are you in a pickle with cardstock/envelopes you can’t print on?  We completely understand saving some money by trying to do this yourself.  BP Creative Group can assist your process by using your items – give us a call for quoting.  We require 10% extra of your cardstock/envelopes for set-up.

Definitely!  We recommend our White Glove Service, which includes Envelope Addressing to complete your overall look.  This will help carry your design look all the way through, using embellishments featured on your Invitations.  Your Address List must be saved in Word or Excel.  The way your address list is saved and sent to us will be the way it is printed or written {in calligraphy}.  BP Creative Group is not responsible for changing City, State, or Titles of Names.

We encourage that if your Invitation is more formal, please use; “Mr. and Mrs.” & “and Family” & Spell out City and State Names.  However, if your Invitation Suite/Stationery Cards are more casual and playful, listing names and abbreviating City/State names are just fine.

Specific Questions?

Please feel free to send us a message and we will contact you very soon.