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Bridal Spectacular – July 2014

It Must Be LOVE!

There’s something about being a vendor at Bridal Shows that makes our heart beat fast and palms sweat. From the early stages of creating marketing materials to designing the final must-have touches, we’re giddy up until showtime. It may be because secrets are hard to keep and we want to share everything with our clients!

These shows take a lot of careful planning and execution to give our potential clients a small glimpse into our creative world, style and personality. Our job at these shows is to encourage clients to ask questions so they gain more knowledge about what we do. Even the littlest of details like custom favors, may make clients go…hmmm…

In July, we showcased our beautiful invitations and wedding paper stationery at the KC Weddings Bridal Spectacular in the Overland Park Convention Center. We created three different concepts; Princess Pink (Formal), Romantic Chic (Burlap, Lace & Pearls) and Modern & Fun (Bridal Shower). We pushed our creative limits to appeal to any and every kind of couple. It’s incredibly important to discuss all products, since we absolutely LOVE what we can do!
We can’t explain how incredibly blessed we feel to be a part of so many special events.
It’s a lot of work to set up and tear down, but this type of LOVE makes it worth it and it’s all because of YOU!

Floral Design by ShanaVaughnDesigns

Make your event about YOU and what you LOVE, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! You will be so glad in the end!

Our inspiration behind the Pretty Pink Princess concept was the softness of floral designs mixed with the elegance of romantic fonts, brooches and handmade paper. This concept is the most traditional style and we went with soft corals and blush pinks because of the popularity in the wedding world!

Vintage is still in! And it’s not going anywhere! Lace mixed with pearls and twine give this display a lot of elegance, yet a casual feel. The handmade LOVE sign included beautiful satin flowers with pearls. And the lovely MR and MRS signs wouldn’t be complete without the same type-treatment and embellishments.

Recently, we have done a few Bridal Showers and Baby Showers that have pushed the color limits. Those events can be very classy and cutesy, but who says you can’t get a little wild with it. Of course, Coral has driven the color world lately and we absolutely love it mixed with sunny yellow. It’s bright and happy and most of the brides were drawn to it, not because it gave them ideas about planning their own Bridal Showers, but because it is a color-scheme that was a little different to see come to life!