Nonprofit Leadership Conference

An early start to the day made way for jam packed sessions on strategy, impact, growth, diversification, success, and messaging. It was focused, it was organized, it was insightful – but more importantly, it was the support that I needed to continue to become a better leader in branding nonprofits for clarity in their presence and messaging.

My key takeaways:

  1. Six essential kinds of capital – This resonated and resounded the intentional presence of financial, human, intellectual, social, cultural, and political capitals. Each one of these drives strategy and impact! It is critical to address each one by nurturing communication and diversification. Are you pushing and growing your organization to get BETTER? When you enhance the journey with these ‘capitals’ – it creates reciprocity in an organization and leadership from all!
  2. Connection – Of course, this should not be a surprise from someone who is loyal to the presence of branding and intentional communication. Are you reinforcing your mission and principles to your donors? I have given presentations on this subject before, but the importance of mission-driven marketing is crucial for the longevity of the donor or sponsor. Regardless of having an internal communications or marketing director – the core principles, values and mission are already in place to build a story that tells (aka sells) the organization with authenticity to fuel growth.
  3. The Plan B – You know my jazz hands go wild for this (as this is how BPCG was founded)! When making an ask, big or small, do you have a plan b in place? I did disagree with the presenter on this, that making the ask is not “sales” related. BUT, it is! You are selling your vision, your mission, your idea, and possibly your dreams to companies or individuals to believe in the same remarkable future!! When a “ask” is rejected – are you equipped to discuss the potential of another option. Are you “selling it” correctly and by “correctly” – I mean, fully educating your audience in every aspect. When you are prepared, they will feel prepared to make an educated donation and become a fan throughout the process.

So, you want to grow and receive the maximum benefit of the potential of your organization – get educated, communicate effectively, exercise your six kinds of capital and don’t stop at “no.”