Time to Put the Fun Back in Fundraising

In this month’s issue of Beauty, Brains + the Bible, we zero in on unexpected and engaging fundraising strategies.

Many organizations believe that event fundraising ends with ticket sales, sponsorships and auction items, banking on those traditional methods as the largest sources of their revenue. But implementing unique fundraising opportunities throughout your event can give guests additional ways to donate while playing on the theme of the fundraiser, speaking to the mission of your organization, or gifting them with a specialty item. Here are our favorite ways to integrate fundraising opportunities during your event:

1.    Host a surprise giveaway! Encourage your guests to enter to win a surprise item, trip, service, or other prize with a monetary donation, as an additional source of donations outside of a live or silent auction. We suggest that you hype this surprise item up in your social media promotions and officially announce it the night of your event.

2.    Offer specialty food or beverage purchases at higher prices as an alternative donation option! Something on theme that can be directly tied to the cause you are raising funds for can be a fun way to motivate your guests to spend the extra money.

3.    Allow guests to purchase a VIP seat upgrade! If VIP tables are situated closer to the stage or have a local personality seated at them, offer your attendees the opportunity to upgrade their seats to VIP. We strongly recommend that you go all out on the décor, linens, napkins, etc. at the VIP tables so they are distinguished from the other guest tables.

4.    Sell a fun accessory to your guests that identifies them as a special donor! This will prompt other guests to ask why or how they acquired that item, and they will naturally want to have the same unique item that will then prompt other guests to ask them the same questions, etc.

No matter which method you choose to incorporate additional avenues of fundraising into your event, be sure to have a representative properly introduce and clearly communicate these special perks, either on the items’ display or on your event’s program or itinerary. Nothing is worse than going to the trouble of planning integrated fundraising at your event, and not having it properly promoted so as many guests participate as possible. Allow your attendees to be as informed as possible so they can donate in more ways than one. These fun activities and items are sure to add an unexpected bonus to the evening!