We are immersed in a world of color, bright lights and call-outs everywhere we go.  Companies, people and products are begging for our attention. Brands want to evoke an emotion, mostly for the good.  Some may say it’s a dog-eat-dog world for brands, but at BPCG, it’s honesty in branding that should come to the forefront.  First question, Who are you?  Second question, What do you want your clients/customers/guests to say when they leave you?  Two extremely important questions that we dive into every meeting we have.  Whether it is a new small business boutique, a major corporate client, or clients planning weddings or events, we encourage to have a full-branding experience.

Whether your business is ready for a rebrand or planning a wedding/event, it is our job to make your branding magnetic and bring it to life. Throughout all aspects of design and marketing, we ensure a cohesive branding process. The elements that make a brand cohesive are logo design, fonts and typefaces, color schemes and textures. Our passion for the branding process allows for all marketing avenues to be uniquely unified.

Corporate + Philanthropic

What differentiates you from your competition? How will your brand help your client remember you? What brand language will you communicate? Does your branding correlate with your marketing strategy?

Every business, old or new, strives to answer these questions in the most concise and organized manner.  Some may stutter, while others are without an answer, regardless, it is our goal to engage your clients/consumers.  We encourage businesses to take advantage of our full branding experience, offering everything from logo design to public relations and social media expertise, we are focused on your success.

Our mantra:  When you succeed, we succeed.  If we put our clients’ needs first, everything else will fall into place.

The best way to exercise these questions is to identify what you offer and five adjectives you would like your clients/consumers to associate with your business. Establish these items and leave the rest to us. We are not afraid of asking questions and pushing the envelope when it comes to new marketing strategies.


At BPCG, we feel a wedding is a business and most importantly, a transaction of love, honesty and life-long commitment. Using our business model for those ready to ‘take a leap of faith’, we suggest start with branding. Branding your wedding considers all players or details in the very beginning. The weddings that really shine have that personal touch or in our case, branding, to keep the event cohesive. Regardless of your branding style, the wedding is supposed to represent you as a couple. As we work on your brand it becomes a great tool for your wedding stylist, florist, event designer and so many other vendors. The outcome is more than likely going to be gorgeous, personal and memorable.

Vision: When you close your eyes and picture your big day, are you making a grand entrance focusing on floral as décor or do you see yourself and your fiancé holding hands at the beach with your closest friends and family? Or perhaps you picture yourself with Italian cafe-lights surrounded by good food, wine, and conversation among guests under the night sky. Make it easy to communicate:  intimate beach, high-end lavish, etc.

Colors, Patterns/Textures and Typefaces: Now that you have your vision and keywords, you can determine colors, patterns, and textures. This is where our full branding experience comes into play! We will create color palettes and patterns that really speak to you and will work well with your venue.  We will include a variety of font combinations that compliment each other and the overall vision of the wedding. These elements will really make an impact with guests.

Brand and Embellishments: It’s important to consider customizing your paper goods and products right out of the gate.  This will give your guests an idea about the event. Some couples love a monogram look, while others prefer custom drawings or a symbol. Whatever you choose, keep it consistent with all coordinating efforts of your wedding!

Details: It is our passion to bring your wedding branding to life. Your inspiration boards will compliment the look you are going for and help pull it all together, making it look exactly how you envisioned it in the beginning.

Don’t forget about creating a signature cocktail in a color from your color palette, order cocktail napkins or coffee sleeves that include your wedding branding, and choose menu items that reflect your keywords, like hearty and rustic or elegant and refined etc. And of course – don’t forget to say “Thank You” with custom branded stationery and future Return Address Labels. Even the smallest elements should not be overlooked!