As you know, nothing brings more joy than flipping items on their heads to resonate a little deeper with our clients and audience! You may have to put forth some new effort, but it’s time to blast through business branding and business processes!

  1. Lust : Have we put forth the passion and enthusiasm to light our fire day-to-day?  We are so alive in our business.  Try living a more zestful life through the content we put out.  That communication makes us human to exude something that someone might need to hear.
  2. Gluttony : What do those desires look like?  Maybe it’s education – to give our clients to fully understand what we do and how they can recommend us. Educating us internally with our processes or strategies for growth and momentum through marketing and clientele. Give that excessive gluttony a chance in business.
  3.  Greed : The time is now to get greedy with our time. Protecting our time in business for health and sanity allows for growth to happen. Use the time blocking method – this will help to become a little more greedy.  Owning a business is hard enough as it is.  Getting to the promise land of work-life balance won’t happen unless we are greedy.
  4. Sloth : We get into the laziness factor a little too soon in business.  Certain times of year are a little more slumped than others.  We need to plan for it in advance so that we don’t get too cozy in the slump and we can enjoy it with plans in place.
  5. Wrath : Time to get fired up! Make some shifts happen.  Switch lanes.  We follow what the joneses are doing and you are your own jones – let it out. Scratch things out, erase what some marketing and advertising looks like. Take the time and have that greedy conversation with ourselves to work on our business and show the anger to let some things go! You have to continue to put your foot down – things change – services, marketing, products, etc.
  6. Envy : Support rules! We have been given amazing supporters or we omit those that do not share in our values or mission. Being envious of that support allows us to gain momentum and have more elevated conversation because of the belief they have in you to push your further than you ever thought possible. If you do not have your support in place, you will continue to wrestle with the feeling of uncertainty. AND, get fiercely envious of the person you want to become, as you learn, grow, pivot and shift – focus on you!
  7. Pride : When is the last time you celebrated the win? Taking time out every week to reflect on the accomplishments that have happened. Throw in the towel of the mentality of “when the next client comes or signs on or buys off on…” Sharing some pride weekly will actually help the mindset shift happen in business, as it can be lonely or exhausting! 

It might be time for things to stop, to get excessive or indulge in the seven deadly sins in your business – but, most importantly … get inspired.