What skills are needed move forward and gain momentum to raise funds keep them giving!

Go back to our business basics – reflect on car salesman role.

They open up the hood to discuss specific details on nuts and bolts whether you asked for it or not.  That should speak on how we conduct business or meetings.  Your client or guest has not taken the amount of time look at things from a different angle or even invest the right amount of time to know what they need to move forward.  They come to the table with a possible goal in mind or project, but we serve our clients through educating them. 

It’s time to clarify their fears rather than why they are there.  They may not come out and tell you fears – but, if you haven’t guessed – all events are emotional! A possibly fear could be – never having done this before.

Unless you drive them and accelerate the conversation with recommendations, they do not know what is possible.

In events, it is not about the big picture, it is about the smallest details – including lighting or air ducts.  Recommending solutions with hurdles that may arise, instead of saying “no” logistically that won’t work. Provide alternatives always!

So, what about those car salesman – they get straight to the point on what is expected as you, as a consumer.  It is VERY clear from them about what expectation is from the buyer. We need to educate our clients, vendor partners, etc. with our mission, vision, fear, expectations about where we are taking things and what will come.

If our clients cannot adhere to our timelines, then a relationship will not work – we have to educate them on how crucial it is for communication.

Justify your services further – take it from the car salesman – the custom features are always in the forefront regardless if they ask for it or not!