Feeling Hot. Hot. Hot. for marketing!

It seems to be one of those Hot Buttons that gets pushed quite a bit around here! Marketing becomes a pain point for us to ride the wave of our clients’ view of what marketing looks like and what is was and what it could be.  We continue to face that alongside our clients and encourage them to get over that hurdle by facing their preconceived notions!

For some, ‘marketing’ may seem slimey. Could that be because of the car salesman technique?  We honestly love the car salesman approach! Why, you ask? In our private Facebook group, the Brand Strategy Circle, I mention the ways we love them for their continued communication on every single feature if you asked for it or not. They are consistently excited, passionate and focused on the details!  

Clients are always ready to aim and fire with – where do I start? It doesn’t seem to help! It is a waste of time, energy, and effort! So, we are ready with some ways to get comfortable with authentic marketing!

For us, ‘marketing’ should display two things: GOALS and TIME. Creating goals should be FUN! A challenge to some, another thing to keep track of – for others.  But, we view goals as little pebbles that can get you to that boulder in no time, if the right steps + strategies are outlined. Be specific with outlined details. It never hurts to survey clients or get an outsider’s opinion, as marketing effects all positions within an organization. Representing a brand in marketing efforts, takes a village – it links awareness, capital, engagement, so on and so forth. 

With those clear goals in mind, you must establish what the time investment will be and BE HONEST! Are you going to carve out that much time for something? Are you willing to sacrifice or put in extra effort?  We recommend getting serious and blocking out time, either in a block schedule or at the same time each week to fully focus and MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

Marketing will take some serious time and effort. Be diligent, focused and most importantly, trust the process.  Are you willing to review it over and over and shift gears.  Be open-minded and shoot from the hip, with a riffle that is! (Remember our riffle vs. pistol conversation, it was one of my favorites!) 

BONUS: Before you start going wild and crazy in the digital space for marketing, make sure your digital marketing works in tandem with your traditional marketing.  You won’t see immediate results if they aren’t complimentary!

So, if you still think marketing has a bad rap, maybe you need to change the tune every once in a while. Squash ideas sooner. Advocate for assistance or outsource. Move along and keep on rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling – WHAT!

Cheers and remember to celebrate that marketing effort!