Beauty, Brains + the Bible: “A Few Extra Cents Makes the Most Sense”

How often do you receive mail that appears to be junk, questioning what it is or tossing it before you even open it? Much like landline phones, receiving mail today often means you’re simply dodging direct mail offers or thinly veiled scams. But, it’s also an important line of communication for formal events such as galas or fundraisers. If you want to distinguish your philanthropic event from the rest, making a strong first impression is key. Often, that first impression is a mailed save the date or invitation. Below are five ways to make your fundraiser invitations stand out in the mail.

1.    Colored envelopes – Following your organization’s brand guidelines, select a bold color from your brand color palette that will distinguish your invitation from the rest of the items in a donor’s mailbox. Keep in mind that darker colors would require foil printing or calligraphy to ensure that the text is legible for the post office. Custom stamps can also add personality to the envelope and ensure that it is cohesively branded as possible.

2.    Uniquely shaped invitations – Square or oversized invitations have been very popular recently! They’re a breath of fresh air from your basic 5×7 invitation, and will pique donors’ interest when they are going through their mail. Keep in mind that postage will increase slightly for these invitations, but it is certainly worth it for the impact they will have in the mail.

3.    Address printing or calligraphy on envelope – As mentioned above, calligraphy is a fabulous option for darker envelopes, but it can work for any color! The handwritten touch of calligraphy shows donors that you care deeply about the effect that this invitation will have on its recipients. A budget-friendly alternative is choosing a funky format or unique fonts to make the addressing stand out from your typical Times New Roman or Arial font families.

4.    Bold envelope liner – You don’t want donors to toss your invitation aside if the presentation is lacking. Envelope liners can bring the look of the entire invitation suite together, with any design element you can think of, from fun patterns to your organization or event logo to a funny saying or the tagline of the event. Again, this touch will show donors that you put effort into the invitation and will therefore be putting effort into the event as well.

5.    Specialty printing treatment – If you want to make the invitation itself stand out, a specialty printing treatment is the way to do so. Thinking about the color palette and formality level of the event can be helpful in deciding which technique to pursue. Foil printing can add a metallic touch to the invitation, or could allow you to print color-on-color (such as white-on-white or black-on-black). Letterpress and embossing can give it a vintage touch, while laser cutting can bring both a modern touch and an antique feel to the invitation. Any treatment you use can be carried out on printed materials at the event, so give this some thought before you decide!

In a city that is booming with philanthropic events, it’s essential to distinguish yours from the rest. We thoroughly enjoy designing save the dates, invitations, and direct mailers for nonprofit organizations, and suggest all of these tips to our clients. Besides providing the concepts, designs + digital graphics, and printing for these items, we also handle all of the addressing, assembly, stamping, and mailing, so that you can focus on the event itself. Reach out to us today if you want to make an impact with your event invitation.

Take action with this Pro Tip: include a reusable gift item in your invitation!

xo, Team BP