What skills to move forward and gain momentum to raise funds to keep giving!

Ways to expand our donor relationships – it all starts with your mission and vision.  What are your values and core ideas that you are communicating to your donors?  Who is buying into your intention?  That is the ultimate goal of your purpose.

Find those donors based off what you are looking for and make sure their values align with yours. 

Secrets don’t make friends – auction items, planning, etc.  When they come through the door at the event – they have a dollar sign in mind. They should have been educated prior to arriving. Blast your mission and message out all the time is crucial with any demographic. 

People want the quick and easy – easily seen donate button or readable information on the invitation to donate if they cannot come.

Are you leaving money on the table? Are the location, date, time hindering your goals? Is an event worth the ROI for the investment of money or time?

First – your emcee is holding you back! The master of ceremonies should master your audience. Local celebrities shouldn’t drive your ideal donor or audience. Do you want them in attendance for the emcee or to understand the mission/vision to resonate and cultivate new, more educated donors? The role of that emcee should be to direct the evening (period).

Money troubles might come from the programming. Keep in mind the time of the program. If not digestible or bite-sized, you will lose attention.

Your board, committee, volunteers need to work the crowd and engage partners or future partners as Brand Ambassadors.

Is your layout leaving money on the table because of lighting, sound? Get them moving and immerse them into additional money opportunities throughout the event.

Chop up the live and fund the need – make it more fun and make it bite-sized. Get your audience involved and interact with them – hence the emcee’s role is critical for this.

LEAD WITH YOUR END GOAL: directing these events, regardless of size, to educate and cultivate believers of your mission for the vitality of your organization and the genius work you do!