Are you giving too much? too little? giving up, out, in? giving proper expectations?

Secrets of feeling depleted always stem from giving too much, while leaving NOTHING for ourselves. But, in business, it’s only an up-hill battle if we let it. The element of expectation needs to be transparent for our clients as well as ourselves.

If we are serving our clients at a higher level, are we custom serving that same experience to ourselves? We step back and reflect on how to give with proper expectations in place. Reschedule, refresh, redevelop what giving looks like in our personal and business lives.

During this season of giving – I’m truly reflecting on how my clients can go back to one of those Seven Deadly Sins of greed with their time. Items that keep them up at night to give away, give up or just give NO.

‘Tis the season to GIVE back to our think tank to brand and grow with momentum for giving with all the right values in place!

Recap from The Brand Strategy Circle live video!