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Creative Director | Brand + Marketing Specialist | Strategy + Communication Innovator | Speaker

Mary-Catherine Reinert

Years of Experience

With over a decade of Graphic Design, Marketing and Branding experience, BP Creative Group has been serving clients with signature design, print and marketing services. Our mantra is “Brand with Conviction”. We are fearless designers and inspirational creatives providing you with brand positioning and strategies that deliver a cohesive experience.

Now onto the leader: Greeted with a great big hug, I will ensure our partnership is built on trust and communication. Those are key ingredients needed to develop and bring your vision to life. Whether creating a menu card or launching new business branding, I take great pride in the customized approach to each individual project and event. It is an honor to do what I do – create cohesive graphic design and branding across all facets of marketing and events. So, let’s break bread together! We’re all family in the end!