“I Didn’t Know You Did That” Issue 03: On Location

Something we often hear when we present our day-of installation vision boards is “I didn’t know you did that!” Yes, we absolutely do come on-site to set up our escort card displays, place menus carefully on their chargers and place cards at each guest’s setting, install seating charts, and almost anything else you can think up! Our White Glove Service, discussed in our last “I Didn’t Know You Did That” blog post, does not end when we drop your invitations off at the post office. It continues through the day (and sometimes evening) of your wedding, as we strive to execute The Wedding Brand Experience with cohesive, consistent, beautiful branding.

Shortly after our meeting to finalize your invitation suite, we begin presenting our designs for your day-of items. From the tiniest escort card to a massive eight-foot by five-foot acrylic seating chart (pictured above), we carry your color palette, fonts, and overall branding throughout every item, working with your florist, planner, venue coordinator, and anyone else on your creative team to ensure that every item flows cohesively with your ceremony and reception designs. We don’t just dream up the vision – we passionately draw true-to-size renderings, go to the venue prior to the wedding to take accurate measurements, ensure proper safety measures are taken and mull over every design detail in our heads before we present our vision boards. Once designs have been chosen, we continue working with your vendors to finalize displays, installations, colors, patterns, linens and floral. Our hope is that you can be as relaxed as possible during your planning process, resting assured that we will handle the communication with your creative team.

Breathe a sigh of relief – we’ve got this! Because we stand behind our designs, we do not expect your wedding-day vendors to execute the vision. Your planner, florist, venue coordinator, mother-in-law, and maid of honor all have better things to do than setting up 250 escort cards or attaching a laser cut monogram to a boxwood wall! Leave it to us to bring all of our items on-site and set them up, working with your vendors to ensure that we fit into the timeline seamlessly so that everything is beautifully displayed in time for the wedding bells. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our White Glove Service and The Wedding Brand Experience!