The biggest shifts in business will follow up with Mindset work!  Do not stay in your lane! MOVE, PIVOT, SHIFT – immediately! I am sharing this acronym for a gentle reminder that mindset work is a constant battle, but if the right tools are put in place, you will make some magic! {a few choice words are used in this article}

  1. B – BELIEVE … If you believe you are the SHIT, then you have to be the SHIT.  No more keeping up with the joneses, you are your own jones. Similar to a brick and mortar vs. digital store, if you don’t believe in them or believe in your service or product, your clients will see themselves out. Clarity is always key!
  2. T – TIME … Major shifts are all about timing. It might not be the right time, right now, BUT, you may have not blocked out enough time to develop more business, getting educated, exercising brainpower to shift and pivot. Time blocking has truly worked to ensure things were done – allowing us to be more successful instead of regretting the day. We may have office hours from M-F 8-5, but all of those are not “office hours” – our client meetings are only held during the time blocks set aside. Same with Social Media or Email responses. Stay focused because the focus is on about how we view time and rework what that looks like to make priorities stick. 
  3. W – WEALTH … We always think of MONEY! We need to tailor our mindset to view it as abundance.  In order to make hard shifts – we have to engage in the wealth we have been given.  We take a step back and engage in our business, education, family, friends, support. Viewing what wealth truly means can change how we make shifts in our business at different times by believing in them.

The only way you will see shifts come to fruition is through mindset and the support in place!