With that little gadget only inches away at all times, it makes perfect sense to evaluate the growing popularity of Text-to-Give campaigns. Mobile giving is seeing a major increase as part of fundraising events.  Shifting your thinking on this avenue has seen to make a big splash, especially with Gen-Z’s.

Besides its’ growing popularity, it is simple to make a donation at your fingertips.  When a donor texts a unique number or word to the assigned number, a mobile-friendly donation page will be sent to complete.  This process will save the donor time and energy from logging into a browser to complete the donation or take out their checkbook, envelopes and stamps!   

Platforms like MobileCause or Give Lively or Greater Giving, have integrated many featured from customizations to thank you’s to tracking, in order to assist the potential of a text-to-give campaign! Check out this option to integrate in 2020 for your fundraising.

Make sure to include options for recurring gifts or gift matching! It will save a ton of time on THE ASK we feel that may be overwhelming to the same audience over and over!

When your audience can enter your pipeline faster, quicker and easier … it’s a no-brainer to consider this option!!

*BP Creative Group is not affiliated with MobileCause or Give Lively or Greater Giving.