Strategy focused on millennials

Working within the nonprofit sector in all things marketing + events, I hear echoes from nonprofits that attracting younger supporters is becoming more challenging.

Most of the time, I can quickly diagnose the issue because a well thought out strategy has not been executed for the specific target niche to engage millennials. If you think about it, long term engagers do not stumble upon your organization if a purposeful strategy was not used. Strategies are crucial and most of the time – that is the common denominator. Do you successfully identify your communication styles to your target niches – yes, I added an “s”!!

Thankfully, we have identified three engaging strategies for your millennial communication style:

1. Brand + Social Ambassadors
I love speaking on the “walking billboards” we are within a nonprofit. Millennials are big advocates for “social up our game.” Use them! Provide honest facts, imagery and compelling content to resonate with your audiences. Allow your millennial team to be ACTIVE on social media posts + live videos and amplify engagement online! Share your stories through the next generations’ eyes! You may want to consider utilizing them as content creators for blogs or newsletters to keep the engine moving forward with communication!

2. Now Boarding
Contributing to a nonprofit goes beyond money! Their talents can be used in other facets of your organization. Allow their commitment to become a beacon of new light to shine upon your board or committee for events. Using new and different skills could enhance or embellish their professional career as well. When partnering with nonprofits as a volunteer, welcome their input and unique set of skills to benefit your organization in new ways! Give it a try, One plus One is Two, but so is Two plus Zero! 

3. Experience Greatness
I always mention when working with nonprofits to keep the communication flowing for the experience of seeing money put to great use is inspiring to keep giving! Millennials, too, appreciate the experience of see their dollars’ impact within an organization. BUT, what about donations! Asking for colors or slippers or canned goods should also generate an endless amount of ‘experience’ communication. Through imagery, you can share how those donations impacted your organization! It becomes part of that K.L.T. (Know Like + Trust) and illustrating the experience should always be marketed! 

Communication styles are unique within each target niche. Qualities should be similar and most importantly, consistent for your donors and sponsors! Give time and attention to understanding their habits! You will enjoy your fundraising results when you engage a variety of donors on a multi-level platform. Make sure to review your millennial communication style and your strategies for support in 2020 and beyond!

We look forward to strengthening your marketing strategies in 2020! Reach out to us for a consultation!