I must take a page from the Superbowl playbook on this topic!  Teams and organization prepare, exercise, and train months + months leading up to this event, but once the BIG SHOW happens, are you positioned to make long-term impact with your post-event communication?

We must continue with a connection campaign immediately after to sustain or even increase their level of commitment. Here are some ways to attack your post-event!


A post-communication plan should be well-outlined and ready to execute.  From handwritten thank you notes to donor correspondence to results driven newsletters/blasts/mailers, schedule time for each communication style.  Communications will vary between vendors, attendees, volunteers, sponsors, donors, and staff!! 

Digital marketing will be a HUGE resource for post-event communications.  Clearly articulate results, accomplishments, engagement, video content, professional photography, live stories, and most importantly what was solidified or obtained due to the efforts of the event!


Encourage engagement throughout the entire year! This will boost their level of investment (time, energy, effort, money, etc.) to your organization.

All attendees should:

+ receive surveys regarding the event and communications moving forward.

+ share the event with coworkers, peers or individuals with the same common interest.

+ be welcomed to become new volunteers, committee members, sponsors.

+ follow digital marketing accounts – social media, text message marketing, newsletters, blog.

Your event is only one way your organization fundraises – REMEMBER THAT! Assist your attendees with furthering their experience and action without your organization. 

Post-Event Party.

Dare we say another event? YES! If you have the opportunity to host your premier sponsors or vital key donors at your location – do it! Would you sponsors be willing to host the event? Or, could you host a mobile meet up? 

Donors will continue to support with a bigger vision and goal in mind. Engaging with a specific outcome is crucial for the nurturing process for the next event/campaign, if you’re fundraising for a tangible item(s).  An inspiration to take further action is always welcomed!

You will continue to see donations, of some kind, come in when the event is over if you have a post-event plan in place.

Make sure you welcome a review of the event from your committee, board, volunteers, and staff! Break it down: the good, the bad, the needs attention immediately!  Regardless, celebrate! There is nothing wrong with a little extra celebration for the extra miles you and your team have gone.  Events are not easy, so remember that! 

From Superbowl to super charged, we hope if you exercise one thing – schedule it all out ahead of time and it will be easy to engage post-event!