When it comes to marketing and events, there are many things to do and the list can be daunting. It is easy to forget or overlook something leading up to your event . With that list of to-do’s, you are now planning pick-ups or deliveries. Time is valuable in Corporate, Philanthropic + Weddings and to alleviate that extra stress, we offer amazing services to support your need. Our business encompasses a variety of ‘I didn’t know they did that’ moments and it’s time to lay it all out!

Corporate + Philanthropic Events
For these events, we encourage our clients to utilize our strategic marketing plan.  We see a company come to life when we can spend time diving into different outlets to showcase their product or market their business.  For instance, if you own a flower shop, why not head into local banks and offer a weekly arrangement or check out local management companies for their ‘welcome new tenant’ arrangements.  Be proactive.  Sometimes you have to give a little to gain a lot. One thing we tell our clients is to update your website or social media outlets with professionally photographed images. We have product photographers on-hand for businesses.  These are areas where businesses either don’t think about or don’t want to invest in because ‘my phone takes decent photos’. Let’s be honest – a well lit, detail-specific, photographed piece of cake is more appetizing than a quick photo taken with everything in focus.  We take the time to ensure spectacular shots are captured when you put us in charge of all the ‘little details’.
A great way to utilize our Graphic Design background is through customizing your marketing materials with unique treatments such as foil, letterpress or lasercut. There is something to be said about a thick business card or custom letterhead for invoicing.  These design options speak volumes to your customers or clients. We ensure all orders are printed correctly and deliver orders to our local customers with a guaranteed delivery date. We also manage mailings for direct marketing or event information.

If you are looking for complete and utter bliss for your wedding paperie, then look no further.  We pride ourselves on our White Glove Service. 100% of our clients take us up on this service of fully addressing their envelopes, stuffing, stamping and mailing. It is important to follow our provided schedule for due dates and approvals.  All invitations are weighed for proper postage and stamped/sent by your mail date.  Our White Glove Service doesn’t end there, we take a personalized approach to pre-placing programs, menus, table numbers, escort cards at your reception venues.  We also design and drop off Welcome Bags at your hotels or specific locations.  We are excited that we are apart of making your day seamless.  All paper products or digital items are pieces of us, so to ensure the placement is done correctly or the file is used at a high resolution are a few things we take pride in executing!

We are so grateful that we have useful tools like online reviews for clients to read about our process and the work we do behind the scenes. We believe those are a true reflection of who our company is and how we shine in these industries. We offer that peace of mind because you are in good hands and we want to take your business or event to the next level.


  1. Cathy
    October 10, 2018

    Lots of great ideas and things to think about when planning an event. Thanks