Photography for Product vs. Service-based businesses

We always preface with “start with the end goal in mind.” 

We sell, engage, encourage clients every day through imagery. 

Without a fruitful plan with pre-planned content, a shot list, a prop list, and clear direction, your photography won’t be as successful as you think it will. 

An Art Director is a must!! You need that keen eye to look beyond the lens, while your photographer is fully focused on providing a final outcome. Without the content to build upon with imagery – photoshoots will be unsuccessful which will make everyone unhappy as the end result.

For PRODUCT-BASED businesses: Keep in mind trends + tangible items. Share behind the scenes of selecting products or featuring certain products. Planned content always leads the way for us! Your selling points are your keys to successful photoshoots.

For SERVICE-BASED businesses:  Keep in mind – potential clients are buying into you, how you serve and the message you provide.  Potential clients have needs, sometimes unexplained ahead of time, but they are focused on “how well will we jive throughout our time together”. 

Once engagement happens, you have the opportunity to investigate and read your clientele. No one will come to the table with their thoughts clearly communicated of what they need, you will have to investigate and start at their first engagement with you. 

Don’t be shy to jump on LIVE – how to decide to display products, services you are working through, it lends a human interaction like how networking used to fulfill us. 

Don’t be afraid to share your education, coaching, etc. that you are doing behind the scenes to include your audience in how incredibly important working ON the business truly is to you.