Pretty, Pretty Pinterest Issue 02: Now Boarding

Buckle up and prepare for takeoff. In Issue 02 of Pretty, Pretty Pinterest, we are tackling the negatives of Pinterest-planning and presenting you with the benefits of using a boutique company like BP Creative Group to execute your vision.

We admit it – Pinterest can be a good place to begin gathering ideas or finding inspiration for your big day. There are millions of images available that cover a range of aesthetics, vibes, and price ranges. Saving them to your pinboard to sort through later is conducive to your busy schedule and convenient for mobile, tablet and laptop platforms.

However, when it comes to searching for local vendors who can support the vision you’ve created on Pinterest, flexibility is key. Because real life isn’t as pretty and easy as a Pinterest board, sometimes your ideal date is booked at your favorite venue. Or, the weather during the season you’ve booked won’t work for the outdoor wedding you’ve dreamed of. The colors you love may not work during the time of year you’re getting married, which can impact your linens, florals, and decor. Perhaps the photographer, planner, or caterer you always knew you wanted is not available for your wedding. Factors like this often come into play, which is why being flexible and focusing on the bigger picture – spending the rest of your life with someone you love – is so important!

Some turbulence during your “flight” from engaged to married may ruffle your feathers, but it doesn’t change the meaning of the ceremony. It can, however, change your vision, so it is crucial to make sure you’re aware of all nearby exits (a.k.a. – plan b!). BP Creative Group ensures that you will have a smooth flight, and we are well-versed in all of the emergency exit plans with our combined fourteen years of experience in the wedding industry.

First, it’s important to affix your own oxygen mask before assisting others. Weddings can be easily impacted by the opinions of close family members and friends, but when it comes down to it, it’s your big day. We will act as your life vest in communication with guests prior to and during the wedding day, with custom, well-branded and beautifully executed pieces. No need for any airplane sickness bags! We will hold your hand from your initial save the date consultation to the day of your wedding. Yes – we arrive, drill gun included, on site to set up any installations we’ve designed to wow your guests and give you the wedding you’ve always wanted. With Team BP on your side, you are guaranteed a safe landing for your dream destination.