Pretty, Pretty Pinterest: We’ve Got the Vision

Concepting a vision for events often begins by gathering inspiration. Collecting ideas for the design and guest experiences your event will feature is a wonderful way to start, but keep in mind that any photo you’re using as inspiration has already been done. We explain this to all of our clients and event partners, but curated or inspirational photos seen online should be a jumping off point, not a concept to copy in its entirety. Allowing a stranger on various online outlets to design your event branding ensures a generic look at best.

Taking an idea you found on Pinterest and personalizing it to your organization, theme, or mission should be your mode of operation in creating and executing a vision board. Your goal should be to enhance or elevate every inspiration photo so that your event exceeds expectations and captures your mission better than every image on your vision board.

Starting with a color palette and venue specifics is often wise in giving your event partners a big-picture idea of what the event will look like. You can also include the fonts you’ve used in logos or invitations, the mission or tagline of your event, and any other non-negotiables that you need to present to your team before planning goes underway.

Next, focus on the event design – florals, linens, and decor. Knowing your venue specs and color palette helps tremendously in determining these details. This is a great place to use Pinterest, Instagram, and photos in general as inspiration, but be sure to source the items you’re looking for (rental companies, decor shops, etc.) rather than just presenting the image without a means to source it. Pricing these items out can also assist in narrowing down your options, especially if you are held to a tight budget.

Then you can look into guest experiences – activities to engage your donors throughout the event, often involving sponsorship opportunities. Think of some creative ideas that are on-theme and relevant to your organization – often, general activities can be repurposed to fit your event!

Once you have these details down on a vision board, come up with a plan to enhance or elevate every inspiration photo. Whether you are presenting this vision board to event partners, potential sponsors, or the Board of Directors, you should have a plan in place to execute it. Sharing a vision board without execution plans in place will put you at risk for not providing what you have promised. Thus, we suggest coming up with this plan prior to any presentations so that your audience knows you have a means of executing the concepts.

Scroll through some of our sample vision boards below to see how we design renderings and put your dreams into action. Need assistance in creating a vision board or concepting an event design? We are here to ensure that your event is cohesively branded and perfectly executed. Get in touch with Team BP today!