When it comes to nonprofits + nonprofit events, we believe whole heartedly that you have to take a step back and look at our overall mission marketing, you will be shocked on key elements that are not being touched on. If you have a board or committee, everyone should take ownership of those marketing elements. Each member or employee plays a significant role in marketing, by rolling up their sleeves to not only work on the business at hand, but in the business marketing and conversation.

We may know the back-end, but we need to clarify and understand the front-end. LEVERAGE others to get our there and say it! We have to allow people to understand what the event is about or geared toward. If people are unclear they will not come. If people are not focused on the mission behind an event, they won’t donate. So now you have no guests and no money! Not a good sign!!

We have to get out of the superficial conversations we are having with family, friends, neighbors, donors, etc. and strive for a more full and clear conversation when SEEKING others for support, help, donation, etc. Get into the conversation right away when you need HELP!

We have to think of the END RESULT. No more skating around it. It’s crucial and critical for donors or attendees to fully understand what their support or dollar is going toward! PERIOD! When you have committee, board, or employees coming to table, it’s time to discuss how to communicate that end result effectively. Come full circle – let the conversation begin!

Keep this thought in mind – help is on the way dear – from Mrs. Doubtfire!