So…What Happened to Blissful Prints?

Welcome to Show and Tell!  It’s time to dissect and share the meaning of our very own logo.

Once upon a time, Blissful Prints existed in a world of, well, utter Bliss (The B). It represented a euphoric state of mind that we remind ourselves to revisit often with our clients. The idea of “wedded bliss” can be forgotten among the many stresses of wedding planning, but by incorporating it into our name, our team makes a point to design our pieces around the happy couple + the bliss they have experienced at every milestone, success, and challenge of their relationship.

That crossbar is a tribute to my mother and grandmother, as my name Mary-Catherine has a hyphen in it. Mostly forgotten about; it’s part of my name, a life line to the loudest supporters I have had in the past twelve years of growing and evolving Team Blissful.

We Print (The P) – oh boy do we print! We print Everything! We have tried things outside our wheelhouse, some success, some failures, some good fun, some that have truly taken our breath away. We enjoy educating clients on printing processes – it’s exciting to be so fortunate and understand these different techniques. It’s still a rush to do a press check or configure colors for printing!  

It takes a village to run a company. Creative minds are gathered with a laser focused vision to provide our clients with the best service possible, in any realm. My tribe, AKA – Creative Group, will take you on a journey for a story worth telling!

Now you know we are embodying this state of mind every single day!