On our live video in the Brand Strategy Circle, we discussed some brief ideas to take your brand and shove it!

We tackled three areas, Brick + Mortar, Digital Social Stores, and Corporate Meeting and Events.

Let’s take it in-store:

I shared a story of not knowing where I was on the video and experiencing no branding. Take action to make your branding recognizable anywhere in the store. Unfamiliarity leads people away. Your branding, core values, mission statement should be easily accessible. Plaster it and have your employees wearing custom shirts or speaking your language. Think about it – when going into a store, we hear “Hello” … but what about “Hello, welcome to XYZ store.” Get them familiar right away! Don’t wait!

Let’s take it on-line:

Shoving products or glamorized photos in clients/customers faces can be a turn off! Please understand – I know this! I shoved products and printing techniques in their face for years, BUT – now I know why clients didn’t truly understand what we did. We offered a whole lot more than printing, branding, event design — we tackled everything from websites, photography, art direction, solutions, strategies, advertisements, etc. Full Marketing is our speciality …. CLIENT EXPERIENCES are always in the forefront of what we do – not just printing.

Let’s take it in the meeting/event:

We have all been to those networking events, presentations, courses, mini series, etc. and received packets or reviewed powerpoints without branding or janky branding. Infuse every piece of your presentation, slideshow, course work, print-outs with your branding. Keep in mind organized content and layouts for logos and colors. Your expectation of them is to review their snapshots or print-outs at a later date and remember your cohesive brand.

Keep in mind these basic steps. And, commit to shoving it! #shoveit