Three Key Ideas for Donor Retention

Prosperous communication with major donors should always be the vanguard of your marketing plan. To engage with and encourage reciprocity, it is essential to focus on a strong communication strategy + style. 

Here are a few tips we encourage for donor retention! 

    • What good does it do if you can’t boast about the tremendous work your organization is doing? Go ahead. We double-dog dare you! If you are continuing to put in the work to FUND raise for something tangible, it better be shown everywhere – all over your marketing channels! Those are ALWAYS great stories to share!
    • Another great way to BRAG ABOUT IT, is to encourage your direct benefactors to craft their story about how and why they were able to benefit from X (tangible item or money or why they love your organization). This is one of the most pivotal ways to broaden your donors’ mind, is to share these critical details of your direct benefactors.
  2. Connection Campaigns
    • In blogs’ past we mentioned a Thank You Campaign, all year long. But, connecting with donors should be tailored toward their communication style. What does your connection campaign look like? Start earlier than you think and welcome reciprocity.  Maybe they prefer to review all year’s events at one time?  Or summer months work best to connect?  Ask you major donors for their support to better serve them!
  3. Last, Relationship Goals
    • Why do or did donors donate? This key separation will encourage you to personalize communication and find unique rapport of your donors. Put the same energy into this idea, as you would a brand-new campaign.  You never know where this might lead you and it may offer some additional insight.  Get to know them as they had the opportunity to know you! 

Remember, these little pushes all year long may even increase their ‘giving’ and will absolutely create a higher retention rate than starting all over to gain new exposure and awareness.  Focus on the low hanging fruit!!