Time to boost your Nonprofit Event Response Rate!

At BP Creative Group, we still believe that ultimately, events will enhance relationships with donors. Events and experiences may be crucial for fundraising, but are you really following through with responses?

Before your next event launches, consider these five ideas to boost response:

  1. Use your donor relationship system and communication style to actively engage with donors prior to your event.
  2. Make your reply method easy and transactional. If they cannot attend, can they donate funds or items for the Live or Silent auctions or even host a post-party event?  Make sure to schedule content on all social media platforms to pump up excitement all season long!
  3. Let’s talk Invites (my fav!): Consider adding digital invitations to your list! Our preferred method at BP Creative Group is always snail-mail, however, the scroll doesn’t seem to stop all night or all weekend long, so having that little nudge in an inbox might boost the potential or intrigue. (Bonus: Major donors should ALWAYS receive a hand-written note in their invitation and a follow-up phone call!)
  4. Year to year, retention may waiver, but consistent communication with past attendees may encourage their return and invite peers to fill a table.
  5. Sponsor Take Over: Thank your sponsors on social media (bonus: tag them and create stories around your sponsor-specific posts). Encourage your sponsors to take over your IG Story or FB Live! 
  6. BONUS: Dare I say contest? Remember our little talk about walking billboards and right or left donors…Longtime donors should always be welcomed to invite or share potential donors’ information. Keep a Live Auction item on reserve for a fun way to institute a contest within an organization or longtime donor.

Yes, quality over quantity, but at the end of the day, either way will work with impeccable communication in place!