#GivingTuesday may be over, but GIVING it all isn’t. As nonprofits start to quiet their messaging during the end of year, this is the time to ramp up even harder. Why you ask? Because, without a deep connection to your cause, you are not likely to retain them. I will be touching these ideas to keep you motivated to end the year stronger and smarter!

  • Shift your #GivingTuesday post-event approach for success throughout the next year
  • New expert strategies for attaining and retaining monthly donors 
  • Crafting a donor experience that inspires year-round support 

Shift your #GivingTuesday post-event approach for success throughout the next year

This is no time to put our rose-colored glasses on and call it year! This is the last push we have to fill our donor database because the more we have, the more opportunities we have to educate and receive potential year-end donations. By contests for creative involvement – make sure to capture names and contact information, “LIVE” videos on the organization – plans for next year – to create reciprocity each time OR surveys to collect critical data and communication – this will build that K.L.T. (Knowledge, LOVE and Trust) for loyalty and involvement!

REMEMBER: keep it going … the goal remains the same whether we are kicking it with cookies + milk or preaching, reaching and solidifying!!

New expert strategies for attaining and retaining monthly donors

Final “asks” of the season are not FINAL! Compelling year-end campaigns are crucial for attaining and retaining monthly donors. It’s not just about that “feel good – the year is almost over” campaign, it’s about the fresh start, fresh energy, and fresh ways of making a plan, identifying key target niches and STICKING TO IT – all year long. Commitment to a nonprofit is strictly about communicating clearly – remember the walking billboard mentality I discuss. Retention of a donor is about the mind, not about the heart (well, maybe a little – as our purpose to expand should be greater than our own!).

Tell your story, CLEARLY. Where is the donation going? How are other ways donors can help? Videos are great ways to convey this story. Text message marketing is at an all time high, explore what that could do for your organization month after month! Stack your newsletters with juicy information! Yes, JUICY! Expand your reach, build awareness and make connections to inspire gift-giving all year long!

AND, do not forget about those corporate sponsors and gift matching! How much money are you leaving on the table because commitment to your communication with them was either forgotten about or wasn’t a priority? Re-evaluate it – it’s not too late!!

Double-tap that for the win!

Crafting a donor experience that inspires year-round support!

As you know, at BP Creative Group, we are big paper junkies. Like, major! But, being in the printing industry, how could we not! Thanking your donors (and sponsors) are critical for retention. We actually encourage and schedule various “Thank you’s” to be sent throughout the year on multiple platforms. Organizations are not retaining those one-time donors, when scheduling an efficient plan with sincere generosity has the potential to build a relationship for longevity. More importantly than the staple Thank You letter that everyone gets include a hand-written note or video in email or phone call/meeting without the “ask” and make sure you are continuing in your storytelling efforts.

Communication is overlooked when it truly creates an experience for those donors and sponsors to increase participation and involvement. Bring a creative flair, schedule Thank You campaigns all year long and encourage their participation even with: why they give or how they can assist future events or campaigns, so that you can express the difference you are making with them in mind!

We are excited to join you in these fundraising efforts, but are you ready? Our “boutique-style” business customizes strategies for your organization with an analysis to ensure goals are being met and the vision in place to exceed them! My team and I are dedicated for these moments to create reciprocity!

xo, M-C