Magnetic Sessions with M-C

Mary-Catherine has a bold personality that lights up the room. Raising the energy, she injects thought leadership in branding, business positioning for ideal audiences and marketing alignment. Her journey has taken her from a luxury bespoke designer to a successful brand strategist.

Her interactive sessions have been known to be thought provoking. You can learn more about her style below.

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Speaking Topics

Your brand foundation has a responsibility and talk is cheap without a strategy. Leveraging your brand foundation will guide you in the everyday interactions you have with your clients and customers. We will review what you should expect from a brand strategy foundation and how to use it.

Ineffective branding can leave you feeling overwhelmed and struggling to reach ideal clients. Bold Brand Positioning will challenge your brand, encourage you to think deeper and empower you to go forth with strategies to brand effectively and more confidently!

The increase for more from a brand is at an all time high! And, marketing practices can be a high-pressure environment.
So, we peel back the curtain on TIME – where you’re losing, it, where to get it back and how to implement sustainable strategies and processes that fit.

Gone are the days of set it and forget it with Brand Guidelines. To maintain consistency and cohesion throughout your marketing channels, you must fully understand the comprehensive power of how to use Brand Guidelines. We’re rolling up our sleeves and digging into Brand Guidelines that alleviate questions.

Brand Design

Approved PR Bio

Mary-Catherine Reinert is on a mission to empower creative and lifestyle businesses with unconventional ideas. Trained as a graphic designer, she has a unique 15 year background in bespoke luxury stationery design, foundational business branding and management of multimillion dollar fundraising events and strategic planning for nonprofits which provides her clients with unique advantages. Her dedication to brand strategy has led to business success, including: Multi-Award Winner of The Knot and American Business Women’s Association’s – Excellence in Entrepreneurship.
Mary-Catherine loves to share her passion of branding, marketing and positioning to entrepreneurs and visionaries like yourself.
What started out as defining custom, luxury wedding branding turned full business and marketing support, Mary-Catherine continues to serves a multitude of industries and creative partners.

Unleashing Branding and Marketing with Creative and Lifestyle Brands